Dear Dog Owners, Welcome to our pet friendly property. We have implemented NEW DOG RULES and respectfully need your cooperation in the following changes.

1-LEASH LAW ENFORCED: All Dogs MUST always be on a leash throughout our entire property. 

2- DOG FREE ZONE- BEACH FRONT POOL AND GARDEN: We no longer allow dogs to stay in the Beach Front and garden rooms and surround pool area.  Rooms # 1 to # 29 and the front pool area is now A DOG FREE AREA. The standard pool area is where our dog friendly rooms will be located.

3- DOG FRIENDLY ROOMS:  Our new Dog friendly rooms will be allocated in our standard room area # 108 to # 117 only. This is the only pool that will allow dogs to be on a leash with their owners care, not tied to any furniture!

3- MAXIMUN 1 DOG PER STANDARD ROOM ONLY: We have restricted our pet friendly rooms to 1 dog per room.

4- SMALL DOGS ONLY: We have a size mandate on dogs, they can only be small to medium size only!  This is less than 25 pounds/ 12 kilograms maximum.   

5- NOISE VIOLATION: If a dog is found left unattended in a room and is barking repeatedly, we will have to request your stay be cut short and remove the dog and owners from our property.

6- DOGGIE POO! - Please pick up your dog’s waste. This is a beach front resort, and no one wants to smell or step in doggie waste. Fines will be given to those who do not pick up after their dogs.    

The management and staff of Beach Break Resort thank you for your cooperation and understanding!   *Please note,  Security and management will enforce fines as per our current hotel policies provided on our web site at www.bbrjcr.com  We also have the right to remove any pet/owner from the property and implement fines if the dog owner do not follow our pet friendly policies.